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breakfast & brunch

  • toasted banana bread R28.00

    with cheese, butter and homemade preserve

  • breakfast bun R42.00

    sesame roll, 1 egg, 2 rashers streaky bacon, tomato

  • mini breakfast R59.00

    1 egg, 1 bacon rasher, tomato, mushrooms, toast, butter, homemade preserve

  • full breakfast R115.00

    2 eggs, 3 bacon rashers, tomato, mushrooms, pork sausage, toast, butter, homemade preserve

  • homemade granola R78.00

    yoghurt, honey, fresh fruit (V)

  • croque madame R80.00

    toasted cheese & gammon sandwich, grilled with mustard cheese sauce, topped with a fried egg

  • gammon benedict R85.00

    gammon, toast, creamed spinach, poached eggs, mustard hollandaise

  • trout benedict R95.00

    hot smoked salmon, toast, creamed spinach, poached eggs, mustard hollandaise

  • mushroom benedict R85.00

    mushrooms, toast, creamed spinach, poached eggs, mustard hollandaise (V)

  • low carb benedict R108.00

    gammon, mushrooms, creamed spinach, poached eggs, mustard hollandaise

  • flapjacks R83.00

    bacon, maple butter, berry cream cheese, butterscotch

  • avocado R85.00

    toast, slow roast tomato, chimichurri (V)

  • fried chicken waffle R80.00

    buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, cheese sauce, maple syrup

  • pulled pork waffle R85.00

    pulled pork shoulder, poached egg, wholegrain mustard hollandaise, sriracha syrup

toasted sandwiches

  • cheese R60.00

    white cheddar, herb mayonnaise side, french fries (V)

  • cheese & tomato R62.00

    white cheddar, plum tomato, herb mayonnaise side, french fries (V)

  • ham, cheese & tomato R78.00

    white cheddar, plum tomato, gammon, herb mayonnaise side, french fries

  • bacon, cheese & tomato R84.00

    white cheddar cheese, plum tomato, streaky bacon, herb mayonnaise side, french fries

  • ham & cheese R76.00

    white cheddar, gammon, herb mayonnaise side, french fries

  • bacon & cheese R82.00

    white cheddar, streaky bacon, herb mayonnaise side, french fries

  • bacon & egg R80.00

    free range egg, streaky bacon, herb mayonnaise side, french fries

  • chicken mayonnaise R88.00

    white cheddar, chicken mayonnaise, gherkins, herb mayonnaise side, french fries

open sandwiches

  • grilled chicken R90.00

    avocado, bacon, feta, mayonnaise

  • rare roast beef R75.00

    honey mustard mayonnaise, feta cheese

  • caprese R75.00

    deep-fried mozzarella, slow roasted tomato, basil pesto, fresh basil (V)

  • smoked trout R99.00

    smoked trout, dill cream cheese, deep fried capers, red onion, wholegrain mustard vinaigrette


  • buttermilk fried chicken R75.00

    fried chicken strips, crispy fried potato, spicy coleslaw, fresh tomato

  • moroccan vegetable R65.00

    roasted butternut, aubergine, green peppers, red onion, chermoula, carrot slaw

  • asian pork R85.00

    pulled pork, sweet soy & sesame glaze, white cabbage & carrot slaw, fresh coriander, peanuts

light meals

  • butternut tart R75.00

    roasted butternut, slow roasted tomato, whipped feta, leeks, onion marmalade, side salad (V)

  • aged sirloin R125.00

    basting sauce, french fries or potato mash

  • grilled chicken R105.00

    deboned leg, harissa basted, french fries

  • pork & cider stew R95.00

    pork neck braised in apple cider, roasted vegetables, potato mash, crackling

  • beef curry R110.00

    beef shin, slow cooked in a tomato-based curry sauce, coconut & chive rice, creamed spinach

  • steak, bacon & stout pie R120.00

    potato mash, baby onions

burgers & buns

  • beef burger R95.00

    french fries, mayonnaise

  • buttermilk fried chicken burger R100.00

    french fries, mayonnaise

  • grilled chicken burger R95.00

    basting sauce, french fries, mayonnaise

  • pork & slaw bun R105.00

    pork belly, coleslaw, french fries, sriracha mayonnaise

  • spicy steak roll R115.00

    sirloin, peri peri sauce, french fries, herb mayonnaise


  • quinoa salad R75.00

    kale, butternut, tomatoes, feta, chives, red cabbage, pumpkin seeds, citrus vinaigrette (V)

  • cobb salad R105.00

    chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, cabbage, corn, almonds, lime aioli

  • green salad R92.00

    broccoli, green beans, avocado, spring onions, mange tout, courgettes, salsa verde (V)

sides & sauces

  • coleslaw R25.00

    cabbage, carrots, homemade mayonnaise

  • french fries R25.00

    twice cooked, hand cut

  • onion rings R20.00

    beer battered

  • potato mash R25.00

    cream & butter

  • side salad R25.00

    lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta

  • peri peri sauce R15.00

    hot mozambiquan chili sauce

  • mustard cheese sauce R15.00

    mustard, white cheddar

  • chimichurri R20.00

    argentinian herb pesto

  • sriracha mayonnaise R12.00
  • herb mayonnaise R12.00
  • homemade mayonnaise R10.00
  • mushroom sauce R15.00

    mushrooms, cream

kids menu

  • bacon, egg & toast R35.00

    1 egg, 1 rasher streaky bacon 1 slice toast

  • beef burger & chips R48.00

    80g beef patty, soft butter roll, french fries

  • toasted cheese & chips R30.00

    white cheddar cheese, french fries

  • macaroni & cheese R30.00

    elbow pasta, white cheddar cheese sauce

  • chicken strips & chips R50.00

    buttermilk fried chicken strips, french fries

  • pork sausage & mash R38.00

    grilled pork sausage, potato mash

  • mini milkshakes R19.00

    chocolate, lime, strawberry or vanilla


  • chocolate mousse R45.00

    coffee panna cotta, chocolate brownie, candied nuts, whipped cream

  • baked cheese cake R50.00

    coconut, granadilla

  • peppermint crisp dessert in a jar R55.00

    caramel treat mousse, tennis biscuit crumb, peppermint crisp, whipped cream

  • apple crumble R50.00

    homemade vanilla ice cream

  • cake slices R50.00

    carrot, red velvet or chocolate

hot drinks

  • flat white R32.00
  • cortado R29.00
  • white coffee R28.00
  • black coffee R25.00
  • latte R35.00
  • espresso R25.00
  • hot chocolate R35.00
  • chai latte R35.00
  • teas R24.00

    ceylon, rooibos, green, english breakfast, earl grey

  • decaf flat white R33.00
  • decaf cortado R30.00
  • decaf white coffee R29.00
  • decaf black coffee R26.00
  • decaf latte R36.00
  • decaf espresso R26.00
  • café mocha R36.00
  • dirty chai R45.00

cold drinks

  • mineral water 330ml R17.00

    sparkling or still

  • mineral water 1l R35.00

    sparkling or still

  • juice 330ml R33.00

    cranberry, cloudy apple, orange, fruit cocktail

  • sodas 300ml R28.00

    coke, coke zero, fanta orange, crème soda, sprite

  • tizers 330ml R29.00

    appletizer, white grapetizer, red grapetizer

  • ice teas 340ml R33.00

    lemon & lime, apple & mint

  • iced latte R30.00
  • soda floats R38.00


  • chocolate, lime, strawberry, coffee, vanilla R38.00

    whipped cream, sprinkles

alcoholic beverages


chenin blanc

  • groote post R160.00 / R52
  • badenhorst secateurs R165.00 / R55

sauvignon blanc

  • kleine zalze cellar select R165.00 / R55
  • three peaks R142.00 / R47
  • first sighting R169.00 / R57


  • kleine zalze cellar select R165.00 / R55
  • kwv classic collection R147.00 / R49
  • durbanville hills rhinofields (oaked) R270.00 / R90

white blend

  • groote post old man blend R160.00 / R52


  • durbanville hills rhinofields R290.00 / R97
  • porcupine ridge R165.00 / R55
  • spier signature R171.00 / R57


  • darling cellars R165.00 / R55
  • first sighting R185.00 / R62
  • kwv mentors R380.00 / R126

red blend

  • groote post old man blend R160.00 / R55

dry rosé

  • de grendel R152.00 / R49
  • first sighting R135.00 / R45

sparkling wine

  • villiera tradition brut R280.00
  • krone brut rosé R335.00


  • darling brew slow beer (330ml) – lager R42.00
  • darling brew sun gazer (330ml) – low alcohol 2.6% R42.00
  • darling brew blood serpent (330ml) – czech-style pilsner R45.00
  • alpha dry craft cider R40.00
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